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I am with whoever said the only pan I love is the electric skillet. I have tried different recipes and can't get the results that I saw during the demo.

If someone wants to buy the set I am more than happy to sell them. I get so angry every time I make a payment as I feel like I was completed fooled into buying these. I love to cook and now I just get aggravated while trying to make a meal.

If there is anyone who loves them who wants to buy them let me know and I will gladly work out a way to sell them and ship them. This was most definitely one of the worst investments I have ever made.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I want to know has anyone tested their pots and pans with baking soda and water for leaching? the tests during their demos are brand new, never been cooked on pots/pans so no leaching should occur...try testing one that's been cooked on....I'd like to know how that turns out. if it doesn't leach, then i'd spend the money for the overpriced cookware...

Saladmaster Verified Representative

Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry Saladmaster did not meet your expectations.

We strive to provide the best value and highest level of quality on the market.

Please reach out to us directly, and we’ll do our best to make it right. smc@saladmaster.com


I wish to buy em.

to Kaiyum bhari #1588180

Email me at jnick1982@gmail.com


Me too...It did not live up as demonstrated...i hope that other people would learn from our experiences..I hope I can return these pots..definitely the worst investment ever made!


Pretty hilarious you hate the pans. You were duped into buying them and nothing is like you saw in the demos.

You want to he rid of them. Who’d want to buy them after your bad review?

to Lor #1618145

You miss the point of them making such an ironical comment- they want buyers to dwell on the point that people like them are so gullible when being conned into buying such items that they would seek any opportunity for a cheap deal irrespective of adverse advice!!!


I agree - was nearly trapped into this by a trusted ???? friend so sorry for you - this crap should not be permitted in Australia


Are you still selling your pots please

to Wendy #1543758

Yes I am you can contact me at jnick1982 @gmail.com

to Wendy #1549636

hi MS Wendy, I have also saladmaster skillet for sale. caroltarcena@gmail.com AED 4000

to Wendy #1561231

I’m also selling the pots 07534856588 brand new never been used still in packaging

to Pauni #1562743

Do you have a email

to Pauni #1621360

Hi i am ana, how much are you selling? Is it the personal or professional set?

to Ana #1621618

It is a personal set and I $3500 but negotiable

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