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A "friend" from church invited me over for dinner one day. I went over to her house that evening when I walking into her kitchen she had all these beautiful pots and pans sitting on her table I was amazed at its beauty I walked over to them and proceed to touch them my "friend" was pointing them out "look at this one " she would say.

My eyes jumped from one beautiful pot and another. Next thing I know this lady (*** artist) comes up to us in the kitchen, I didn't even see her come in. n she started giving them names. I was in love.

I was blinded by the beauty of the displayed in front of me. She cooked me an amazing meal and buttered me up talking all stuff about how amazing these pots are and how this is a one in a life time opportunity. Then the *** goes "you'd be the perfect candidate for this program that I can receive this amazing package if I convince my friends and family to fall for this scam. At the time I didn't realize it was a scam because my so-called "church friend" was telling me it was going to be easy and that she would help, I signed all kinds of papers gave all kinds of info, sin number, bank number I was so ***.

Anyways as time went by I realized that their expectations we're impossible to meet I couldnt host them cooking shows 3 times a week 6 hours. I told them I wasn't interested anymore next thing I knew I was sent a bill for $12,000. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I dont want to mess up my credit, I have to pay for this! And the so-called "church friend" sits in church like her sin's is different.

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Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates #1249827

ha ha ha...

Well explained.

I too had attended the dinner but didnt gave any details. Its too expensive...

Whitby, Ontario, Canada #1243797


It's the same thing happened to me. But I sue them.


Medford, Oregon, United States #1220490

Seems like cutthroat MLM. People should go to jail for elder abuse.

Encinitas, California, United States #1208689

You definitely need to get a hold of the distributor that sold them. There are cooking classes for free you can take and learn more how to use them.

Once you are educated you will understand the benefit. I bought them and will not eat off of other cookware.

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #1205276

Im sorry i guess they didnt explain the details of the program. Bad people. But the business and opportunity itself is legit.

Los Fresnos, Texas, United States #1204747

I've had my Saladmaster set for over 40 years. My wife and I bought it at a similar show in my home.

This was the best purchase I have every made. My wife is a renown housewife and her cooking is adored by family and friends. Especially, our grandkids. I wouldn't put down Saladmaster for the marketing part.

There product is amazing. I've had to order handles twice because of the wear and tear since they get used daily (365 x 42 = 15,330 times) and going.

Richmond, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #1204382

This is not true.they will not get money from you without purchasing!

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