These products are quite good, and if you have them will be happy with them. I also bought a number Nutriply pans also.

A comparison of the two would give the Nutriply the advantage in that they are very much cheaper. I was concerned that the quality would be less after hearing the Salad Master salesperson tell how theirs was the only one that was make with the titanium etc. In truth when I compare them, the Nutriply pans have a thicker base and seem to heat more evenly. They also stay warmer longer when we cook and then serve in the pan.

The Salad Master pans seem to be scratched more than the Nutriply even though we tend to use them less. The handles of the Nutriply to not click off, but we perfer that. It is not a problem. We don't loose them.

They both work and function just the same. There really is no difference in the low heat cooking style. I would recommend the Nutriply because the cost is at least half and they seem to be a little better.

Buying on line was just fine.

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Springtown, Texas, United States #1314817

Did you do the pollution test in the Nutriply?

Does Nutriply have a lifetime warranty?

It's not about having "a thicker base" or if they stay "warmer longer" when you serve in the pan or if they scratch easier...,,,, It's about the metals and toxins that are leached into your food if you don't use Saladmaster!!

It's also about getting the maximum nutrition from the food you eat and Saladmaster is the BEST when it comes to flavor and retaining vitamins and minerals!

There is no way they function the same, because Saladmaster is the only cookware company in the WORLD that has Titanium where your food touches!!


If it is made in China you are getting scrap metal.. My advice is do some research first!

Check to see if Nutriply is made with 316ti surgical grade stainless steal (that is manufactured in SM in made in the USA) which is good enough for pacemakers, knee replacements, and pressure tanks under the sea; which NO other Cookware on the market offers except SM..

You may save on cost but I for one would never cook off of scrap metal that all other cookware is made from.. Gross..


Really? Amazing to me that any Chinese manufacturer can claim their products are as good as American made.

I seem to remember the Chinese supplied protein that was killing our pets, the Chinese supplied drywall that was leaching chemicals so bad into new homes as to render them unusable and the same goes for lead painted toys for my grandchildren.

Oh yeah that is it run out aND but a quality product from China for half the price of American made. That is the smart thing to do.


Totally agree!

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