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I bougth saladmaster on 12/27/15 for almost $3K. Watched the dvd several times, took notes, and followed instructions to the dot.

We wasted food for 2 weeks now, nothing gets cooked right, burnt, sticking on the pot. They said "set it and forget it" is a big lie. We tried to contact our sales person "Cecile" for few days even texted her several times and it's either her phone won't accept calls or she wont respond to text. Called the office in Carlson , Ca.

Left messages and still only answering machine and no return call.

Don't waste your money on this golden promises that tarnishes in a day as soon as you use it. You will be disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Saladmaster Cookware.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2748.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have had the same experience: EVERYTHING STICKS and practically becomes infused with the pots. Not the same quality as our Mothers' sets! Scratches easily and is frustrating to try to clean.

Heckmondwike, England, United Kingdom #1135799



Did u heat on medium until the lid on the top start to rattle then turn it to low....that is the only thing that I see how the products wouldn't work If you cook to high...I just witnessed a presentation today and I doing research on why I should not buy this product but so far I am definitely going to make this investment. It is under a lifetime guarantee so if you are following step by step and it is still not working contact the company and get a replacement or return it. I don't see how you wasted two weeks of food if prepared properly

to Anonymous #1136721

It came with the dvd, we followed instructions by the dot with different kinds of food preparation per instruction. The dvd turned out perfect but not ours. We contacted the company and the sales person but until now no response.

to Anonymous #1391820

I am loving my saladmaster system its changed my life. Honestly this product works.

Sorry about your experience. Maybe the fault is with your sales rep because saladmaster customer care is exceptional and darling keep your product because wow.

Just medium- click- low and use on really low heat. You will save lots of time, money and above all ensure health and safety for you and your family.


I've had my set for nearly 40 years and I still love since day one. Like anything you just need time to work out the bugs.

I will say that Salad Master customer service has a lot to be desire when it comes to replacing handles. Sort of like a use car dealer.

Hang in there, once you learn how to use them you'll love them!!


My rep answered all my cooking questions and the cooking classes are amazing for new ideas. Don't let one bad rep ruin the name of the product.

All my family and friends now have it too and love it. Find the rep and get the info or call Head Office for the name of another local rep. You will LOVE your product but remember to not cook on high.

its a bad habit you have to learn to break. :-)

to Anonymous #1128902

That's what I did. I left messages, txt messages to the rep and called the main office in LA area but no return call.


When i started using saladmaster i always burnt the food, i asked to the representative why and she said because we are very used in high temperature settings in our previous cookware. we need to be aware that saladmaster need only medium heat to cook our food.

when it clicks turn it down, so the food wont burn. When you fry, u just need to wait a bit so that the food wont stick. because it u flip it over too early, it surely will stick meaning its not cooked yet.

need a bit of patience and when u get it, Its heaven!.. time and energy savings, that helps a lot...


It's stainless steel cookware, everything will stick to it at first, but the food will also release when it's ready to be turned over, if you use oil, things will stick a lot less, If you want it to act nonstick, use some Pam cooking spray. The issue with sticking, would happen with any brand of stainless steel cookware, not just saladmaster.

Saladmaster is pretty much as foolproof as cookware goes, heat on medium, till the clacker clicks, and then turn to low. There are tons of waterless cookware demonstrations on YouTube.


Make sure you are not cooking higher than medium heat to start, unless you are searing meats (in which case you do want it to stick initially. It becomes easy to flip once ready).

Also, if your stove seems to run hot, try starting slightly lower than medium heat. Then, once you heat the click, turn to low. If you can hear, smell, or see steam, it's time to turn down.

If food is obstructing the valve or if the edge wasn't clean, that could prevent the valve from working clicking. Also, if the heat is too high to begin, the pressure from the heat/steam will hold the valve open and you will hear no click.


If its actually Saladmaster it shouldn't tarnish. We've had ours for about 2 years.

We've burnt a number of things and many dishes didn't turn out. Its trial and error for a while and with everything. I'm still glad we got ours. Youll get the cookkng temperatures correct, just give it time.

I see why you would be upset too, (more because of costumer service). We didn't have that problem but we live in Wisconsin.

to Anonymous #1082433

I wish i know the technic before i ruin more food that's why i needed the support.


I don't own any of the products but was told by my friend who bought the set. She said nothing worked until she discovered that coconut oil would work the best.

to Anonymous #1081359

But the sales parson said that it is cooking healthy bec you don't need to use oil. Thanks for the tip.

Their promises are not true. So far everything we've cooked sticks to the bottom.

to Anonymous #1098552

You don't need as much oil, but occasionally, you may need a little. Cooking meats will release their own oil, just don't flip prematurely.

And coconut oil is healthy fat that your body and brain need.

So, no worries there! Some people take a tea spoon full a day just to get it into their diet.

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