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i am from india , very bad services, they do not evaluate the sales distributors and dealers properly, i had a very bad experience with a very unprofessional dealer. The dealer used all foul language when asked for replacement, he was un professional to the core does not understand how to interact with customers, he acts as if he has done a huge favor by giving us the equipment. i would advice team to change the dealer or get him trained. i do... Read more

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Hmm a man and a woman just rang my doorbell. After I opened it they started telling me about they were giving a free salad away. So I said "free salad my wife would like that." So after a several minutes they had the salad done. They then asked if I wanted a free dinner but I said "no I don't do anything without my wife." Since she was not at home they asked if they could call back or just schedule a dinner time. I said "no." During my chitchat... Read more

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Wednesday, the doorbell rings. We all stare at eachother. We do not want to get up to get it. My 14 year old daughter proceeded to the door. I thought it was the normal. Church brochures, direct tv, or a curb address painter. I hear my daughter "Mom do you want a free salad?, all we need to do is give them some canned food, and they need a salad bowl" I thought to myself sweet! Free salad! Before we knew it here barges 2 ladys with aprons. They... Read more

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I got wrapped into a "free" dinner since a friend bought a smaller set and loved the cookware. If she got 3 other friends for the rep to cook a free dinner for, my friend would get a free gift. I am all about helping a friend, so I said yes. The rep shows up and proceeds to trash my kitchen while she preps our meal and tries to sell us on how healthy, tasty and quick the meal is. Her 1/2 hour prep turned into an hour (not quick). She melted... Read more

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I've been cooking with Saladmaster for 45 investment I EVER made.......only pan set I've ever had.

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My wife and i invested; that is corrected invested not just purchased our Saladmaster cookware in 1986. over the years a few calls to customer service and all was handled properly and promptly. Yes the up front price appeared to be expensive; however its been 30 years and still as good as new, there is nothing else in the house that we have had and used for even 10-15 years let alone 30 years. a great decision for us. Our daughter has taken a... Read more

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I *** hate them I have used 20$ Walmart pans that work better Everything sticks and burns to the bottom I payed 2000$ and I would be ripping you off if I sold them for a hundred bucks

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I dont like too. Poor costumer serviceprofesional set

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I seared a chuck roast in the dutch oven and cannot remove all of the black residue. what should I use to clean it all off? I hesitate to use anything that you would not recommend. I hope I am sending this message to the right place. I do not need to write a hundred words to finish this.looks like I do . I have no more to say except I have owned this set of pans and they have been great for forty five years. it is not really fair for me to have... Read more

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A "friend" from church invited me over for dinner one day. I went over to her house that evening when I walking into her kitchen she had all these beautiful pots and pans sitting on her table I was amazed at its beauty I walked over to them and proceed to touch them my "friend" was pointing them out "look at this one " she would say. My eyes jumped from one beautiful pot and another. Next thing I know this lady (*** artist) comes up to us in the... Read more

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