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First, we had a cooking party with a Saladmaster rep. She told us she was going to be observed by a higher up in the company. He came in and watched his I Phone practically the whole time. Before he got there I brought up the Hostess Gift. The rep said nothing back but started the presentation. We commented that we thought this man was being disrespectful of the rep doing the cooking demo. He left abruptly with no apology. We really liked the cookware and Got the Message. We told the rep, when our 301 money comes in, we want to purchase a set.... Read more

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I am a Saladmaster customer I have my cookware for more then 2 years, It's funny people go on about the price we all spend a lot of money buying other things like sofa, designer clothes and bags Which we can show off with but when it comes to health it's pots and pans and we can't justify the price. I love my Saladmaster cookware that is the Best Buy for me and my family. The truth is that other cookware material is bad for us it is slow poisoning. I am a person I like quality so therefore why not invest in quality cookware and it's the... Read more

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Lets be detailed and as short as possible with my saladmaster experience. My mom became a victim of this saladmaster cookware/cookset. I hate the pyramid schemes and how it actually works, but that's the companies business model and nothing I can do about it. Nonetheless, onto the cookware itself.. My mother bought 3 things or pieces, forgot which three, but the total was around $1,500+tax? i dont remember, but as a college kid, that *** is expensive just to cook+eat healthier. Eventually one day, my mom made me finally go to a demonstration... Read more

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I just found this site when I was installing a set of Saladmaster at my customers home. Mark showed it to me. I was showing them a simple 10 minute lasagna, roast veggies, rice, hard boiled eggs without water and we baked a cake with their girls (they were so excited to see the veggies get shredded into the cake without any oil or water...and the chocolate Lindt chocolate spread on top when it popped out of the small skillet hot onto the plate...). So it was an interesting discussion. Mark runs a video/Wedding Photography business and asked me... Read more

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Saladmaster cookware is rubbish food gives you constipation the cheapest set is for £1987 beware stay away Add comment

What they say about healthy eating is true but the pots are too expensive. Not worth that amount of money. I also had a bad experience with the presenter. Add comment

SaladMaster was the featured cookware at a nutrition conference in Punta Gorda, Florida where the esteemed Dr. Esselstyn was the key speaker. I didn't hesitate to sign up for a free in-home dinner because I am very good at saying "no thank you" and I had no intention of purchasing cookware. After all, I already owned a very large set of Magnalite Professional Anodized Aluminum cookware that I purchased new in 1989 and came with a 100 year warranty. Two reps drove three hours from Tampa to my home. Christian Oliver did the majority of the... Read more

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If Saladmaster is Scam, then Thanks to Scam because It changed my life and I'am very Thankful for that. I have Digestive Problem for more than a decade, I'am also Diabetic Taking Insulin everyday. I'am sick and tired for having to many tablet intake everyday until I have been invited to attend Saladmaster cooking Demonstration. On the beginning I was skeptical and i asked so many question to the presentor, but she is very polite and answered everything taht i want to know. To make the story short, I was SOLD... This product sell itself... I... Read more

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Someone knock in my door and said they are giving away free salad.. It looks strange but the couple of lady looks very nice, and i said why not.. they said its company's Promotion. I let them come in and make the fresh salad which is turns out so nice with few fresh vegetables. I asked few question and Im happy with thier answer. The one that caught my attention is the fantastic salad machine that they use, but unfortunately they dont sell it. They explain how can i get it. Then i booked appointment to see this healthy cooking session because... Read more

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I bougth saladmaster on 12/27/15 for almost $3K. Watched the dvd several times, took notes, and followed instructions to the dot. We wasted food for 2 weeks now, nothing gets cooked right, burnt, sticking on the pot. They said "set it and forget it" is a big lie. We tried to contact our sales person "Cecile" for few days even texted her several times and it's either her phone won't accept calls or she wont respond to text. Called the office in Carlson , Ca. Left messages and still only answering machine and no return call. Don't waste your... Read more

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